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Stefano Pilati to Armani?

PilatiI'm really, really sorry to have to do this to you. Yesterday I got to share the happy news that Raf Simons was headed to Dior, that the French label's 13-month designer drama had come to an end, that it would likely be a long time before we had to deal with a whole new set of wheel-spinning rumors about an open position at the top of Dior. It felt like a kind of liberation; Raf Simons had sauntered into Dior and in effect, lifted the weight of the (fashion) world from our collective shoulders. No more gossip-mongering! The dark days were over.

Or so it seemed. Unfortunately, fashion's got a pretty heavy addiction to musical chairs, and it looks like we still have to contend with questions of designer job placement. Stefano Pilati's Fall 2012 show for Yves Saint Laurent was his last for the label, and now people are saying that he's headed to Armani.

Last night, the former Fashion News Daily staffer and freelance reporter Jim Shi tweeted, "My sources are telling me Stefano Pilati is headed 2 Giorgio Armani w/ the intention to assume full creative reigns when GA retires."

Pilati-to-Armani gossip has been circulating for a while: exactly one year before YSL and Pilati parted ways, the Internet was up-in-arms over speculation that Pilati would be leaving his post and heading to Armani, and Hedi Slimane would be replacing him at YSL. At the time, both fashion houses rushed forward to deny the rumors — and then what happened? Earlier this year, Pilati's contract with YSL ran out and wasn't renewed and Slimane signed on to be the top dog at the legendary French label.

Even though confirmation of the rumors came a year late, two-thirds of the fashion story have borne out as fact. Giorgio Armani is 77 and he's had a long and successful career. It may be only a matter of time before he announces his retirement and we learn that Pilati's been waiting in the wings.

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