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Meet the Next Rihanna Hit Video, ‘Where Have You Been?’

Rihanna's just released her latest video for the Calvin Harris-produced song "Where Have You Been?" Even though I have a soft spot for the pop star's bleaker ballads, like "Love the Way You Lie" or "California King Bed," "Where Have You Been?" is the kind of energetic, upbeat dance song sure to satisfy anyone impatiently waiting for summer to get here already.

Rihanna shows off her never-disppointing dance moves on a desert-scape, styled in haute-tribal finery: pink Aladdin pants, a 1,001 Arabian Nights headscarf, and elbow-length animal print gloves. The whole production is sexy, but like everything the pop star does, it has a little bit of bite: Rihanna isn't just idly looking for a lover, she's on the hunt. The opening and closing shots of the video show her creeping around a swamp, like a crocodile pursuing prey — or better yet, like a siren searching for someone to shipwreck.

[via StyleBakeryTeen]