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Kanye West Stopped By Kim Kardashian’s L’Uomo Vogue Shoot

Kim Kardashian

L'Uomo Vogue made the questionable, but possibly lucrative, decision to photograph Kim Kardashian for the magazine's July/August issue. According to the reality star's Twitter, the shoot took place yesterday, after a Mother's Day brunch (what a day!).

Pulling, perhaps, some inspiration from the holiday, Rushka Bergman styled Kardashian in a mop top wig à la momager Kris Jenner. Francesco Carrozzini lensed the paparazzi-themed shoot. The preview shot teases a spread which is sure to be (like everything Kardashian's involved with) conceptually original and impeccably tasteful.

If L'Uomo Vogue didn't already seem like a fame-strivey sellout, Kanye West stopped by the set to make out with Kim. The shot was captured by the real-life paparazzi presumably milling about the perimeter. The high-profile subject is already drumming up tons of publicity for the upscale Italian fashion magazine, which is sure to generate notable sales on the newsstand in July. I have some sympathy for L'Uomo Vogue — money is money, and we all need to eat and buy expensive purses — but let's be clear about something: the last stop on the celebrity gravy train is hell.

Image via Twitter

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