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Lady Gaga’s Indonesian Concert Permit Was Denied

I've always been aggressively forthcoming about my disdain for both Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga. I think Richardson is a sleazy rodent and Gaga is an affected hack. (Of course, these two fine specimens of humanity are good friends.) So it's not too easy for me to admit that I've been following Terry's photo updates of Gaga's "Born This Way" Asian Concert Tour pretty religiously. (Self-flagellating by consuming vile cultural products is a hobby of mine: I sometimes pretty often watch Fox News.)

Richardson's been posting highlights of Lady Gaga's travels through South Korea, Hong Kong, and Tokyo on his photo blog, Terry's Diary. The pictures are pretty typical: a compassionate Saint Gaga comforting her weeping fans; the pop star making base, vulgar faces on camera; Terry clutching his subject's shoulder and sneering with self-satisfied delight; Lady Gaga decked out in one of her millions of meat dresses.

Even though the amount of fun they've been having isn't easy for me to bear, it made for good hate-browsing. So when I found out that Gaga's permit to perform in Indonesia had been denied, I wanted to feel schadenfreude-y, but I actually felt robbed.

Indonesia's political and religious leaders were up in arms over the pop star's upcoming concert, condeming Gaga's revealing outfits and suggestive performances. The intense and sustained opposition to the performer's scheduled June 3rd concert finally led authorities to deny Gaga's concert permit on the grounds that they wouldn't be able to ensure the security of the singer, her crew, and the attendees.

Mother Monster has yet to make a statement, but I'm guessing that she's cool with not getting trampled to death by a screaming mob.

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Image viat Terry's World