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I Guess We Should Talk About Vera Wang’s Separation

Vera WangIf you want to know what's happening in fashion today, the biggest news story seems to be Vera Wang and Arthur Becker's separation.

Mario Grauso, president of the former couple's joint brand, broke the news in a statement earlier this morning: “Vera Wang and Arthur Becker have mutually and amicably agreed to separate. They remain devoted parents to their two daughters.”

Wang and Becker were married in 1989, before she launched her multimillion dollar wedding gown design business and became something of a household name. WWD reports that Becker worked closely with Wang and advised her, and is currently involved with Vera Wang on a day-to-day basis.

The couple's close working relationship and unexpected split resembles Tory Burch and Chris Burch's recent divorce, which was contentious and professionally competitive. It's possible that Wang and Becker's post-marital lives will play out the same way, but until we start hearing whispers of legal battles tearing apart the Vera Wang brand, any speculation on that point is really just an excuse to gossip.

"So sad!" say the Tweeters. But is it, really? Unless you know Vera and Arthur personally, this is no more or less sad than any other separation between any two people happening anywhere in the world. I know celebrity gossip's raison d'être is sussing out stars' relationship statuses, but Vera Wang is no Katie Holmes — her success is predicated on her design talent and business savvy, not her tabloid appeal. You guys: she's a businesswoman and a designer, so please let's treat her like one.

Image via WENN