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Lady Gaga Blackmails Anna Wintour for Vogue Cover with Bagels

Lady Gaga TwitterWhile you were living your life, Lady Gaga's been busy harassing Anna Wintour to hand over a preview of the upcoming September Vogue cover. The pop star's going to great lengths, even threatening to detonate carb-rich and calorie-laden bagels on the pooch-conscious headquarters of America's foremost fashion magazine.

Earlier today, the big-heeled babe sent out a tweet to her over 28 million followers: "Don't worry I've been txting Wintour all morning trying to get that cover queens. next im sending bagels to VOGUE (complex carbohydrate war)."

Whether you want to lick Gaga's face or pretend she doesn't exist, admit it: you'd probably be equally impatient if your face were the one covering the all-important Vogue September issue. I don't think I'd mind being on the cover of Vogue, though I'd prefer Anna Wintour texting privileges. But mostly, I just wish someone would send me bagels. (Bagel, bagel. Bagel, bagel.)

Image via Twitter