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Anna Dello Russo is Releasing a Pop Song and Music Video to Celebrate Her H&M Collection

Anna Dello Russo for H&MWe all know by now that Anna Dello Russo is eccentric and over the top in everything she does (and everything she does is fashion-related in one way or another), so it really comes as no surprise that she, the self-proclaimed “Lady Gaga of fashion,” is set to release a pop song and video in conjunction with the release of her accessories collection for H&M.

Alex Turvey directed the new video, and the song, Fashion Shower, is a full length version of the teaser that Dello Russo shared on her blog earlier this year.

You’ll only have to wait until tomorrow to see the video in all of its (sure to be) gaudy ADR glory, but we’ll leave you with the teaser from earlier this year to whet your appetite. Just imagine that the new video will be more over the top, more editorial in its production, and filled to the brim with the gilded, wacky, tacky (and maybe kind of awesome) Anna Dello Russo for H&M accessories that will hit selected H&M stores worldwide on October 4.

Whether you love ADR, or love to hate ADR, the new music video is sure to be a must see.


UPDATE: The full music video can now be viewed here and it's every bit as shiny, gold, blinged out and over-the-top as we thought it would be. I kind of feel like I need an actual shower after watching it though.


Image: H&M Magazine Autumn 2012

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