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Hey Twihards! K-Stew Is Reading All The Terrible Things You Say About Her Online

According to The Sun (which is more credible than your tabloid-obsessed Aunt Polly but less credible than Trash Cat, the stray who lives on my front stoop), Kristen Stewart is one of those self-Googling masochists. The actress is obsessed with pouring over all the terrible things people say about her online, which range from "Kristen Stewart is not the very best girlfriend to Robert Pattinson, but they're both very young — maybe their relationship has run its course?" to comments which are so vile and mean-spirited, simply existing on the same planet with them could make you lose faith in humanity. At least that explains why the actress always looks so miserable in photographs. (Look at that, I'm as horrible of a person as everyone else. Had to get a KStew dig into a post about KStew digs ruining KStew's life and self-esteem.)

One of Stewart and Pattinson's "pals" tells The Sun:

“Kristen is hooked on Googling herself and seeing all of the horrible stuff people write as a way of punishing herself. It’s not healthy and Robert has said it must stop. When Kristen searches results about the films or her name on Twitter she ends up focusing on all the wild, negative comments against her and it really gets her down. But Robert has told her she needs to stop torturing herself and move on.” 

Sad face times a million. Robert's right, get off Google! 

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