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Isabel Lucas Sharpens Up for One Night Only

Australia’s answer to Sienna Miller, Isabel Lucas, was a prime contributing factor towards the resurgence in popularity of denim waist coats and coin purses circa 2004. But while Miller’s openly voiced her hatred of the word ‘boho,’ Lucas has never strayed far from her sartorial roots: When she’s wearing phosphorescent Dior ruffles, she’s offsetting them with bronzed skin and beachy blonde waves, and she’s made headpieces and elfin braids her regular red carpet appendages.

So we had to look twice to make sure the sleek woman who showed up to Giorgio Armani’s ‘One Night Only’ event in New York City last week really was the same person who was wearing straggly hair and an oversized ribbon last time we saw her. And what do you know, that really is Home & Away’s Tasha Andrews wearing head-to-toe Armani in black and deep navy blue. Can we pause for a moment to admire the sharp shoulders on that blazer?

To complete her style overhaul, Lucas slicked her hair back with a velvet headband and swapped her bronzer for the most powerful face illuminator in existence.

What do you think of Isabel’s extreme style makeover?