The Buzz Guide to NYFW Sept 2011

NY Fashion Week: What We Wore, Day 1

DKNY Fall 2011

It looks like it will be a bit gloomy of a day here in New York City, but I’ve been itching to wear this Fall 2011 DKNY dress since I first picked it up at Macy’s the other week and rain isn’t going to stop me! I’m not one to typically wear dresses unless it’s a cocktail party or fancy affair, but I remember thinking that Donna Karan did a fantastic job with her pleating and color-blocking at her last DKNY runway show and I was glad to see the looks translated well when they hit retailers.

I know that by now everyone is sick of hearing (and seeing!) color-blocking so I love that this dress works it in with the added visual interest of a pattern as one of the tiers and with pleating throughout. Pleating can feel very conservative, but the pop of blue and the clash with the pattern takes away from some of that and makes it a fun dress that will easily translate from my day of shows (kicking off with an always-favorite, BCBG!) and later tonight with Fashion’s Night Out festivities.

I paired the dress with some simple, black pumps because I figured that if it does rain, any damage will be less noticeable given the dark color and stiff material of the shoes. As a final touch I opted for a Coach satchel with very Miu Miu-esque quilted leather. It has room for my laptop and it isn’t heavy because it‘s light on hardware so it should stand up to a busy – and possible rainy – day!