The Buzz Guide to NYFW Sept 2011

NY Fashion Week: What We Wore, Day 3

Maybe it’s because I live with someone who is fond of blasting the AC so high you’d think we lived in the depths of a desert, but I tend to be sensitive when it comes to cool weather. I'd rather sweat and be sticky over having the chills any day, which is exactly why I opted for this Elie Tahari chunky collared sweater. The combination of a cowl neck and a sleeveless cut gives it the perfect balance for this time of year when it can go from 80 and sunny to 60 and rainy in the same day. Plus, it’s super soft and cozy so if I get cold or tired I can just wrap myself in the collar!

Head-to-toe black is not only a staple in New York City (and per the most recent episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, some women’s uniform when they’re pregnant), but it’s also a safe bet during Fashion Week when you want to look put together but don’t necessarily have the time to devote to planning an intricately coordinated outfit. That said, all black can be a bit of a snooze, so despite the visual interest courtesy of the merino wool sweater’s cowl neck, I opted to layer a French Connection silk tank underneath it. Amazingly, I picked up this popping bright silk tank on sale at Macy’s for less than $30! It’s the perfect sunny layer to break up and brighten up a black ensemble.