The Buzz Guide to NYFW Sept 2011

NY Fashion Week: What We Wore, Day 5

I was backstage at Rachel Zoe’s presentation earlier this afternoon so when I was getting dressed I knew some glitz was in order. I opted for a sequin embellished tank from Vince Camuto – my first buy from the brand at Macy's and I have to say I’m impressed at how much look you get from this top without it appearing tacky. I paired the glimmering gold top with a black maxi skirt to offset all of the details of the top.

My favorite thing about this look is that when you’re busy you tend to want your outfit to be as comfortable as possible and even though it doesn’t look like it would be, at least not to the same extent as baggy pants and a tank top, this look is just that. Day-to-day I tend gravitate towards loose fitting clothes (the last thing I want to do is sausage myself into a piece of clothing) and this one fits the mold without being overly casual. Even better, you could easily transition this daytime outfit into a nighttime going-out-and-having-a-good-time one by taking off the maxi skirt, putting on a pair of fitted black trousers, and layering up on cocktail rings or bracelets.

It’s been on and off wind and shine here in New York City so it’s lucky that I have a small balcony on which I can assess the weather conditions! Here I am perched over to make sure I won’t ruin the bottom of the black maxi when I’m walking in between shows later today!

On a side note, Zoe opted to go for a loose fitting black bottom as well, though she went the wide-leg jumper route, which she accessorized with a surprisingly limited amount of gold and diamond jewelry.