The Buzz Guide to NYFW Sept 2011

NY Fashion Week: What We Wore, Day 7


When I spotted these mustard shoes at Macy’s I finally understood why Jessica Simpson is inching herself towards a billion dollar fashion empire. Wholly affordable at less than $100, the particular shade of yellow used for this pump is not one usually seen in more affordable shoe lines (you tend to see bright, rather than muted shades). The jewel tone looks utterly luxe given that it’s fashioned out of suede and the style is perfect for this time of year. I knew I’d want to wear these pumps at some point during the week so I based this entire outfit around the shoes.

To that end, I picked up this chic dolman sleeve sweater from Calvin Klein. It’s cut on the bias so it’s super flattering and the roominess of it allows me to eat as many Pop Chips, Le Pain Quotidien on-the-go buys, and hors d’oeuvres – the typical New York Fashion Week diet – as I want! The V-neckline is also key because you tend to be packed in like sardines at most fashion shows and this neckline cut allows for some breathing room, as does the side slit.

We all need great fall staple pieces that we could just as easily wear out shopping as we could to work and this sweater is one of those pieces for me. Similarly, while you wouldn’t think the mustard Simpson pumps would go with anything aside from black or neutral top/pant, they work wonderfully when paired with a complementary color like crimson red, just make sure the non-neutral color you’re opting to pair the yellow with is a solid and is either limited to your bottom or your top.