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Jessica Stam Slams Dinnertime Texters

In her first blog post for Huffington Post Canada, new columnist Jessica Stam took on cell phone etiquette, and came down hard on dinnertime texters. Like Stam, I'm not a fan of people that prefer to relay binary code over the internet waves instead of dealing with the living, breathing humans sitting in front of them, but Stam's proposed solution is much too much for me to deal with. The supermodel advises her readers to confiscate the cell phones of their dinner party guests and drop them into a big bowl in the center of the table, like a really nerdy centerpiece, I guess. If you've got to take such drastic measures to make your friends pay attention to you instead of the Gilt Groupe newsletter that just flashed across their mobile screen, you should ditch the digi-statement piece and just find better friends.

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