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Confirmed: Kate Moss is Getting Married in John Galliano

Kate Moss and John GallianoLooks like last week's rumor that Kate Moss will wear a John Galliano-designed wedding gown is actually true. British Vogue is confirming the story based on comments by a source close to the bride. No word about whether or not the disgraced designer will make an appearance at the chapel when his bosom buddy walks down the aisle tomorrow or when Galliano managed to find the time to design a supermodel's wedding dress in between his stints at rehabilitation centers in Arizona and Switzerland. Previous reports had suggested that Galliano ditched rehab and spent the past two months holed up in an anonymous designer's atelier in New York City, drilling away on a sewing machine and dumpster diving in white silk. (Just kidding about the white silk — maybe Moss will wear organza?) If any of these things are true, then Galliano lied at his trial last week and he'll be in pretty big trouble with both the French judicial system and the public. Or maybe not: what's a dash of perjury going to do to your reputation when you're already facing charges of anti-Semitism and racism?

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