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Lenny Kravitz’s Latest IPhone Accessory? The Rotary Handset

Lenny Kravitz Retro Handset

You might love playing with gadgets, but we all know that there are some serious drawbacks to the digital revolution: apart from the national panic attack over decreasing attention spans and and a twenty-four hour news cycle that privileges outrage and sensationalism, dating is even more painful then it ever used to be due to terrible texting and bad cell phone etiquette. Most of us are never going to abandon our mobile devices and return to the land lines and pay phones of yore, but that doesn't mean we can't muster up enough nostalgia to appreciate Lenny Kravitz's latest IPhone accessory, the rotary handset. Apart from the trinket's retro charm, handsets are actually more comfortable to use then a flat phone. That being said, add this to the list of gear that's a little too cutesy for my taste, and anyway — I don't need another bulky object to carry around in my already-overstuffed bag.