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No One Knows Whether or Not Anna Wintour is Writing a Memoir, But Everyone’s Talking About It

According to the NY Post, the most terrifying darling of the entire fashion world, Anna Wintour, is writing a memoir about her glorious, power-ridden life. In the original article posted earlier this morning, the daily made it clear that Vogue has denied reports that its fearsome leader was looking for a book deal, but the Post basically shrugged its shoulders at the glossy mag's denial.

Anna Wintour Memoir

The Post seems to have it on pretty good authority that the Vogue editor was in the process of interviewing writers to collaborate with her on the project, and whether or not that's true, they definitely wrote about it and probably accumulated a fair number of page views from flabbergasted fashion news watchers. Fashionista thinks that it's entirely improbable that Anna Wintour would ever undertake such a self-centered endeavor, but I'm not so convinced. Wintour might not match Anna Dello Russo on the narcissistic spectrum, but there's no way she reached such heights without a super-sized dose of confidence.

I'll leave it for time to shed some light on this mystery, but on the chance that the editrix really IS penning an autobiography and is on the market for a writing buddy, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. I would ghostwrite the bejeezus out of her memoir. Dear Anna: If you're interested, just say the word and I'll send over 20 sample Azzedine Alaia insults STAT.