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Dolce & Gabbana Launch New E-Commerce, Talk Digital Strategy

Dolce & Gabbana launched a new e-commerce site with the brand's entire clothing and accessories collections available on multiple platforms, and in 7 languages.

According to a press release from the brand's digital PR department, the new website "is the last step of the brand's emotional and editorial strategy in the digital world, and represent[s] at highest levels the Dolce & Gabbana's deep commitment to the social and anthropological aspects of the net revolution."

Bryanboy at Dolce and Gabbana

Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana sat down with The Business of Fashion to discuss the company's social media efforts and early outreach to bloggers and online influencers. The brand is unique for having a multi-account Twitter presence, including an official house Twitter, a behind-the-scenes account of a young staffer, and Stefano Dolce's personal account. The brand is always engaged with their audience's response to their offerings, and takes social media and internet feedback into account when designing and developing new products. They were the first fashion house to recognize the importance of bloggers, when the label invited Bryanboy to their 2009 runway show and seated him front row, one person away from Anna Wintour.

In the two clips below, Dolce and Gabbana discuss their Twitter presence and their decision to bring bloggers into the front row of fashion: