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Kanye West is Really Launching a Fashion Line

Louise Wilson, director of the prestigious fashion program at Central Saint Martins, can confirm that Kanye West is actually moving forward with designing his own clothing line. Wilson has nurtured countless major designers like Alexander McQueen and Giles Deacon, and Kanye stopped by the school recently to get some advice and wrangle a group of interns to work on his collection. She told Elle UK, "I can confirm that Kanye has been to visit me twice at Saint Martins and we have briefly discussed this collaboration. His visit was in part to employ interns for his label, and it’s important to mention that he’s supported our fashion school and made an immediate donation to Saint Martins, which perhaps further demonstrates his passion for the industry."

Between donating money to an elite fashion school and making the rounds at fashion week with his best bud Anna Dello Russo, Kanye's interest in fashion is definitely clear, but it remains to be seen whether or not he has the actual skill and vision to execute a good collection.

Kanye with Anna Dello Russo

Wilson is optimistic about Kanye's prospects as designer: "I've known him for two years now and he's incredibly knowledgeable about fashion, he's a global phenomenon and a very interesting person. I think we can expect a well-considered collection, you wouldn't expect less from a pair of professionals and I warn against dismissing it in haste."

If this were December 2009, she'd probably add, "Yo, Kanye. I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish but McQueen had one of the best fashion lines of all time. One of the best fashion lines of all time!"  Unfortunately, there aren't any good contemporary jokes about the braggadocios rapper. That's one good reason to look forward to his collection!

Kanye West: Design Star? – Elle UK