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Nicola Formichetti Wants ‘Old People’ to Go Away

Nicola FormichettiNicola Formichetti is on my list of people that just need to Be Quiet. Just a couple of weeks ago, the stylist responsible for Lady Gaga's one-note look got embroiled in an internet firestorm when W magazine ran a feature that mentioned some ill-advised comments Formichetti had made about "fat people."

The stylist threw a fit and vomited all over his Facebook and Twitter pages, denying that he'd ever said anything even sort of disparaging about the heavy set, and accused W of misquoting. 

Another day, another opportunity for Nicola to belittle an entire segment of humanity in front of a reporter for a glossy mag. Today's Nicola Formichetti is a Hateful Toad feature is brought to you courtesy of Elle magazine, and at the expense of the elderly.

In the latest issue of Elle Collection, the stylist is credited with the following gem: "I think old people should just be old and go away." Totally. What quick wit and insight!

I mean, the most depressing thing here isn't even the weird bigotry, which is so dull and baseless that I don't see how anyone could be swayed by it. What's more depressing is that Formichetti, purportedly at the forefront of the fashion avant-garde, the bombastic Lady Gaga's right hand man, has such a narrow view of what's beautiful, and such limited vision as to what can be fashionable.

As Exhibit A, I direct you toward Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style blog, an extraordinary compendium of post-retirement style icons. The women on Advanced Style regularly pull together extravagant, perfectly-styled outfits that surpass the bright young things on younger, hipper street style blogs. And I'm not being cutesy when I say that I would so much rather dress like them than like Lady Gaga.

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