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Louboutin’s Now Squabbling Over Red Soles with Dior, Too

LouboutinsMid-lawsuit with Yves Saint Laurent, Louboutin is picking a fight with yet another fashion house over red-soled pumps. The esteemed design house hired a private investigator to poke around Dior, and the PI managed to convince a salesman to spill the beans on the French fashion house's plans for next season. A staffer at Dior's 57th Street store let it slip that the brand was “planning to make red-soled shoes with matching uppers for the next season.”

After the John Galliano spectacle earlier this year, Dior probably doesn't want to get any more bad press for a long, long time, and if the PI's information was correct, it appears that Dior made haste to pull the offending designs from its upcoming offerings. Today, WWD ran a story quoting a Dior spokewoman that denied the claim that the fashion house was planning to carve out a piece of the red-soled pie.

Looks like YSL is on its own in the fight for The Right to Red.

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