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Want to Write for Vogue Italia?

Vogue Italia's editor Franca Sozzani is calling for pitches from readers. Sozzani announced that is launching a new channel geared toward "fashion, photography, designers, fabrics, accessories, purses, shoes, jewelry, and hairstyles. And more, fashion, cinema and art, news from the world always linked to fashion, customs, traditions and the history of a Country" (broad enough for you?), which will be open to non-professional contributions from the website's readers.

Sozzani asked prospective writers to leave their pitches in comment form below the call for submissions, and so far there are over forty pages of proposals. I haven't waded through more than two or three pages of pitches, but the biggest issue appears to be the quality of prose. Most of the candidates vying for a writing assignment for Vogue Italia seem to be Italian speakers proposing English-language pieces, so there's definitely a drought in the grammar department. That might not be a problem for Sozzani, who doesn't seem to fret too much about clarity in her own posts. I'm getting the feeling that if the publication moves forward with the project, in a couple of weeks they'll have to post another call for contributors: this time, for copy editors.

Looking for contributors. a new project on – [via The Cut]