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Grace Coddington Sells Her Memoir

The September Issue breakout star, Grace Coddington, has just sold her much-anticipated memoir to Random House for $1.2 million. The editor will pen her memoir alongside Vogue writer Michael Roberts, which is unfortunate because I thought Coddington was working with Men's Vogue Editor-in-Chief Jay Fielden. And I totally would have volunteered my services if I'd known that Coddington was in the market for a new ghostwriter (still not too late, Grace!).

When WWD announced the project last year, the fashion industry trade publication reported that Coddington's book would cover "her modeling days in Sixties London, the car accident that changed her career path and her ascendancy through fashion’s ranks as a stylist and editor at British Vogue and, later, its American counterpart.” That sounds just fine, but let's hope Random House managed to work the following clause into her author's contract: "Must provide shocking, salacious gossip about Anna Wintour. Also, could someone please just tell us why Carine Roitfeld left Paris Vogue? Come on Grace Coddington, we know you know this."

Grace Coddington Sells Memoir to Random House in a Seven-Figure Deal – NY Observer