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Lady Gaga Reaches 12 Million Twitter Followers

Lady Gaga has reached a new Twitter milestone: in the (very short!) history of the social networking site, no one has ever before amassed 12 million followers. Gaga is the hero of our time, and 12 million people now agree and willingly submit themselves to her 140-character missives.

More impressively (I know, I know: it seems impossible that anything could be more impressive than accumulating 12 million Twitter followers, but bear with me), the pop star gained 2 million of those followers in the last two-and-a-half months. On May 18 of this year, I wrote that Gaga's following had just reached 10 million people — and today, it's twelve mil.

Lady Gaga Twitter

That's a twenty percent increase on 10 MILLION in two months. You know, it's one thing if you only have 5 friends and you see a 20% rate of growth — that's only one new friend. Lady Gaga seduced 2 million more people in a very small amount of time.

Anyway, I do have to wonder about those 2 million people that waited until like, a few weeks ago, to decide that they liked Lady Gaga enough to follower her on Twitter. It's not like she was under the radar in May. She was practically born overexposed.


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