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Sad Karl Lagerfeld, No Sunglasses

Karl Lagerfeld No SunglassesWhen it comes to the fashion industry and all of its seasonal winds, Karl Lagerfeld's sunglasses are one of the few true mainstays. Whereas hemlines and color palettes need to reinvent themselves at the first chill of winter and first warm day of spring, Lagerfeld's shades just soldier on. We might wince when the fashion cycles usher in a new fad of crop tops or the double denim menace, but as long as the Chanel designer is outfitted in his dark glasses, we can walk the streets knowing that all is right in the world.

And the latest Lagerfeld candid – sans shades – reminds us that the Kaiser doesn't keep himself outfitted in dark lenses just to keep us feeling fine. A naked-faced Lagerfeld is a sad Lagerfeld, apparently. Behind his glassy armor, Karl's face is an ocean of sorrow – oh, how he suffers for his art!