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Lady Gaga to Set Up Shop in Barney’s for XMas

Barney's NY is the latest fashion entity that's given up and just given in to Lady Gaga's mass appeal. From the Thierry Mugler runway to the column inches of V magazine, the Mama Monster has her grubby little paws all over Fashion City, and now she's planning to shed chips of nail polish and strands of wig hair all over the Barney's showroom.

Lady Gaga Barney's

The department store is teaming up with the super-crazy-famous pop star for its winter campaign, and the project is set to revolve around a "shopping environment" called Gaga's Workshop, a play on Santa's Workshop. Because shareholders complained that Barney's wasn't pretentious enough, this Christmas, shoppers will have the option to choose books and CDs curated by the lady of the hour and will be afforded the great luxury of purchasing probably overpriced limited-edition jewelry collections made entirely out of rock candy.

Barney's claims that Gaga's great message of "joy, sharing and inclusiveness" makes her the perfect figurehead for a Christmas season push, but there are few places in the world less "inclusive" than Barney's, and few people less joyful than the arrogant, self-serious popstar. But you know what Barney's probably will find joyful? So many rabid Little Monsters let loose on the Gaga-branded floor of the department store, wallets in hand.

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