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Eek: Lea Seydoux Goes Topless for American Apparel

Oh no. The lovely Lea Seydoux, who most recently appeared as the romantic artsy foil to uptight demanding Rachel McAdams in Midnight in Paris, is topless for American Apparel's Pantytime* sale. Before she was one of Woody Allen's dream girls, Seydoux was a model, and Dov Charney's hipster brand was one of her earliest clients. Seydoux recently signed on to be the face of Prada's Candy fragrance, so a half-nude AA shot seems like a step backward. Mmmm, plus it looks like those bike shorts are taking the whole concept of camel toe in a horrifying new direction.

When it comes to vulgar photographers, Dov Charney is B-grade even compared to pseudo-pornographers like Terry Richardson and Olivier Zahm. American Apparel has a bad reputation for exploiting beautiful unknowns: why would a famous face with her career on the rise play along with Charney's schtick?

Lea Seydoux


*What an unfortunate name! Don't know why AA insists on being a parody of itself time and time again. Oh yea, because suckers like me can't help but write about their sleazy antics.