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Alexa Chung’s Second Madewell Collection [Photos!]

Alexa Chung has released preview images from the ad campaign for her second Madewell collection, and things are pretty much as expected. The clothes are nice (very Alexa Chung-y); the mood is precious; Alexa's gorgeous.

These pictures are really a pleasure to look at and there's nothing bad to say about any of it — except for, obviously, one thing: Alexa Chung might be great at wearing clothes, but I'm not convinced that any of this apparel will look great on less model-y specimens like myself.

Ahh, and one more criticism (see that? Complaints are like potato chips: you can't stop at one): couldn't you put together these exact outfits with a couple of shopping trips to American Apparel and Urban Outfitters? Madewell, schmadewell.