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Kate Moss Wedding Photo Starring John Galliano

The picture below is showing up in the September Issue of Vogue, as part of a larger spread of Mario Testino's photographs of Kate Moss' wedding. In case you doubted it, here's proof that John Galliano knows how to fluff a veil and Moss knows how smile over her shoulder. Magic!

No really, this is lovely. I wish I could fall into my computer screen and land in this magical happy place, where the grass is green and the sun beams down on a gorgeous, kind-looking Kate Moss and her happy designer elf, a sober and not anti-Semitic John Galliano. I would spin around and around and I would know nothing but love and chiffon and paillettes. Fashion is all about fantasy, natch.

John Galliano Kate Moss Vogue

[Vogue via The Cut]