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The CFDA Launches a ‘Design Manifesto’

CFDA Design ManifestpThe CFDA has had enough and it isn't going to take it anymore. The fashion design council has decided to tackle copyright infringement head on and it's decided that the best way to tackle the massive issue of copying and fakes in the fashion industry is with…a poster. I'm sure the CFDA's latest effort, ambitiously titled the Design Manifesto, is really going to deter the idealistic counterfeit industry and persuade them that there are better ways to make a profit than by shilling fake Louis Vuitton bags in Chinatown.

And this might be nitpicky, but the Design Manifesto is less of a manifesto and more of an ad. I think most manifestos consist of sentences ordered in a logical sequence? This is a word cloud. The CFDA is so committed to originality they won't even use words according to their dictionary definition. Talk about innovation!