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Freja Beha Erichsen and Marina Abromovic for POP (+Georgia May Jagger)

POP magazine's triple-cover Autumn-Winter 2011 issue stars one of your favorite models in collaboration with performance artist Marina Abromovic. The artist appears in each cover she created for the magazine, and stars alongside top model Freja Beha Erichsen in one of the images.

Freja Marina POPMarina POP

POP editorial director Ashley Heath told Fashionologie that Abromovic and Erichsen seemed like a natural fit: "The link-up with Freja seemed very right somehow. The dark hair/dark sexuality angle, and the fact they're both uncompromising and very choosy in what they do." I kinda get what she's saying: both women seem really unapproachable but totally talented and intriguing, and they both work in the upper reaches of their respective industries. But still, similar hair color isn't a stand-in for similarity, and it's a little silly to pretend that the POP covers are effective simply because the women involved in making them are both brunettes.

An additional cover featuring Georgia May Jagger (below, right) is available on newsstands.

Marina POPGeorgia May POP