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John Galliano Found Guilty, Avoids Jail

John GallianoA Parisian court ruled today to convict designer John Galliano for the anti-semetic slurs that rocked the fashion world earlier this year. The former creative head of Dior will not be jailed but will be made to pay a €4,000 suspended fine and a €2,000 fine for an incident in October should he not comply with the court's demands. While Galliano did not appear in court to hear the verdict, as expected, his lawyer insists that no fine will need to be paid as Galliano is continuing successfully with his treatment. As for his plaintiffs, who sparked a media frenzy by releasing video footage of the attack, Galliano will be forced to pay a symbolic €1 to each of them. The designer has apologized unreservedly and insists that the remarks made were a result of a number of addictions that inhibited his ability to think clearly. As for his career, Dior may come out relatively unscathed but there's no telling what the future holds for Galliano. 

Photo: Lia Toby/ [Grazia]