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FDA Warns Against Brazilian Blowouts

Derek LamAs with most things, when it sounds too good to be true, it often is. So-called miracle keratin straightening system Brazilian Blowout has been under some harsh scrutiny as of late when it was revealed in April that the serums contain unhealthy amounts of formaldehyde. After which, in May, the US Congress sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration calling for a recall citing 47 complaints from salon workers and other in contact with the product. In spite of claims that the product contains 8-10% formaldehyde and regulations that anything over 0.1% must be disclosed, the company maintained that the product was formaldehyde free. Today, the FDA issued a warning to the company stating that if they don't change their branding to warn of high levels of glycol (a liquid form of formaldehyde) before September 12, action, presumably a recall, will be taken against the brand. Now, I know sleek locks are wonderful aesthetically, but are they really worth risking your health and the heath of your stylist? I think not. Put in the work and reach for your straighter; or, better yet, embrace the curl and frizz and let your hair be free. 

[WWD] Photo: IMAXtree