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Stop Insulting Marc Jacobs with Your Under-$10 Million Salary Offers

Marc JacobsDesigner Marc Jacobs' negotiations with holding company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton are getting heated. Currently the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Jacobs is considering a move to couture house Dior, which ousted head designer John Galliano earlier this year after a video of his anti-Semitic remarks leaked online.

After several weeks, the negotiations are at a standstill because Jacobs and his business partner, Robert Duffy, are asking for a substantial salary increase. Both the designer and Duffy are asking for compensation in the "low eight figures," which is a euphemism for $10 million plus. Annually. I'm baffled that Jacobs would refuse to head a legendary brand at less than $10 million a year and I'm thinking that he should probably just retire and Dior should probably just give the job to someone that actually wants it. Like, someone that would settle for a mere $6 or $7 mil? If Marc Jacobs isn't planning to use the extra several million to donate to charity or give me tons of free clothing, he's being despicable. If you've ever wondered why people hate the fashion industry, look no further.