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Kanye West to Show at Paris Fashion Week, Probably

Kanye WestLong fashion's most unfunny running joke, Aspiring Designer Kanye West is getting close to the finish line of all his hopes and dreams. Harper's Bazaar Australia is reporting that the musical artist and fashion industry striver has locked down a slot at Paris Fashion Week.

If all this hearsay holds up (which it likely will. Harper's Bazaar Australia's editor, Christine Centenera, has been playing the role of fashion fairy godmother/consultant to West), the fledgling designer will show his new womenswear line at 9:30 AM on October 1, bookended between Jean Paul Gaultier and Leowe.

The substance of Kanye's line is still a giant mystery, but if I had to guess, I'd probably put some money down for dramatic, bold colors, sophisticated tailoring, metallics, and glam styling. Is it too much to hope that the models will come down the catwalk wearing Kanye's signature shades and gold watches? In my imagination, the collection actually doesn't seem too bad, and there's one thing that could make it truly awesome: if Kanye played model, too. If we see Kanye strutting down the Paris runways in a long evening gown with a low back, we'll know he's really serious about this whole fashion thing, and not just angling for extra capital and party invites.

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