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Missoni Crashes Target Site, Collection Heads to eBay At a Ridic Price

We warned you to wake up early yesterday, so you had a chance to shop the highly-anticipated Missoni for Target collection before it evaporated into thin air, and I hope you heeded our advice (I certainly didn't and now I'm suffering) and managed to snag your favorite pieces from the 400+ item "capsule" collection because it's basically completely sold out. I mean sure, you can still buy a thong or the collection's only fug dress, but if you didn't manage to shop before the sale crashed the Target site and caused Black Friday-level mob scenes at Target locales around the US, the only thing you can do to get a piece of the Missoni for Target magic for yourself is to head to sites like eBay and Craigslist, where the most coveted items are on sale at oh, about four times the retail price.

Missoni for Target

For most of us, this news is nothing to smile about.

Missoni's amazing printed three-speed bike, which originally retailed for the happy price of $399, is currently available on Craigslist for a criminal $1,500. Wanted to add a splash of stripes to your luggage with a zigzag travel tote ($39.95)? You still can, but be prepared to spend $150 for it on eBay. Or you know what? Don't. The Missoni for Target collection was a great way to get good design at a reasonable price, but Target-level quality isn't worth boutique prices. You know what costs just as much or less than the Missoni for Target collection on eBay? Vintage Missoni.

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