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Giles Deacon Leaves Ungaro

Giles DeaconGiles Deacon, who took the reigns from Lindsay Lohan (oh, the horror!) at Emanuel Ungaro, is on his way out. The fashion house and the designer have agreed to "mutually" part ways, and the upcoming Spring 2012 collection is going to be Deacon-free, the fruit of the Ungaro design team.

With Galliano out at Dior and Marc Jacobs playing coy about whether he'll leave his post at Louis Vuitton, we can only bet on how the opening at Ungaro will affect the major designer reshuffling that's right around the corner. Ungaro's had a bad few years (LindsayLohanLindsayLohanLindsayLohan), but it's a legendary brand hungry for a design visionary to turn its fate around.

Giles Deacon made a decent, if unexceptional, run of things at Ungaro, so I'm thinking he might have a hard time finding his next gig, but his aesthetic could lend itself to Louis Vuitton when Marc Jacobs does leave. (It's happening. I know it. It's like rain, I can feel it in my bones.) Not an entirely likely scenario, but if Deacon did go to Louis Vuitton then Galliano could go to Ungaro to resuscitate both reputations, this whole dramatic saga would have a pretty narrative bow. We could make a movie about it! It could be the next Social Network.