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Pippa Middleton Sits Front Row at Temperley London

Pippa Middleton Temperley LondonOH MY GAHH! Pippa Middleton, Duchess Catherine's very available sister and owner of one of our world's most beloved derrieres, planted her famous posterior front row at Temperley London. The British brand is a Middleton sisters favorite, and even though runway shows are verboten for the Royal Kate (too common for a Duchess, obvs), Pippa Middleton got to let her hair down and ogle all the clothing she'll be owning two months from now.

In honor of her favorite brand, Pippa wore one of their dresses but like, from this very season? Yes, we're two weeks into the Spring 2012 shows, and Pippa's still wearing Fall 2011. Major faux pas, I know, but let's cut her some slack: it's not like she's a Duchess or anything, after all.

Anyway, Pippa paired one of Temperley's "classic fan dresses" with a pair of ankle boots and looked cutie patootie. She was seated next to Rosario Dawson and two seats away from the notorious Peaches Geldof, which sounds like the best seating arrangement ever. HOLY PEACHES!