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On the Subject of NYFW, Alice Temperely Says London is Better

London's been suffering from a serious fashion inferiority complex next to the other fashion bigwig cities—namely, New York, Paris, and Milan. The five-day fashion festival to show off London's top design talent is shorter than the other fashion weeks and wedged too closely between New York and Milan's shows. The overpacked runway schedule means that London has been hurting from a major shortage of models willing to walk London's shows only when they don't interfere with the auditions, fittings, and show schedules of more prestigious designers in New York and Milan.

Yesterday we noted that Marc Jacobs' late New York City runway show caused plenty of London-bound models to miss their flights overseas, and consequently—their scheduled assignments in London the next day. And Gucci's time-intensive three-day booking process of models for their Milan runway show caused major damage at London runway shows over the weekend.

So Alice Temperely has had enough: not only does she want London to be extended, she doesn't understand why it's getting the short shift to New York: "London's better than New York Fashion Week now… It's so creative here, whereas New York's more commercial, but London needs more days." London does need a helping hand to get its fashion week proceedings the respect they deserve and New York has been pretty commercial recently, but it's a little tacky for Temperley to undermine NYFW just because she wants to stand up in support of London. Can't we all just get along? (Also, who is Temperley kidding? London can't hold a candle to NYFW.)

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