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Wang Goes Back to the Basics with Khaki for Dockers

Alexander Wang and five other nominees for GQ's Menswear Designer of the Year Award, Riviera Club, Miller's Oath, Warriors of Radness, Patrik Ervell, and Michael Bastian, have partnered with Dockers to reinvent the staple khaki.

The new collection is made up of pants (obvs), shirts, and even a windbreaker in an array of inventive washes. I judge menswear based on whether or not it would make my fantasy boyfriend more or less attractive, and this collection seems too trendy for the imaginary him. But maybe not for your fantasy boyfriend?! Or, for your actual person, if you happen to be male.

So if you're in the market for some khaki basics made less basic by Alexander Wang & co, head over to Bloomingdale's and Dockers online.