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The Nelson Mandela-Inspired Line 46664 Hopes to Tap Stella McCartney

Former President of South Africa and the nation's leading anti-apartheid leader, Nelson Mandela, originally created 46664 as an HIV/AIDS prevention campaign, but the organization soon grew into a larger social initiative committed to humanitarian efforts in South Africa and globally. In order to raise money for the organization's other charitable projects, 46664 has just launched an eponymous sportswear line and with it, South Africa's first global brand.

46664 line46664 line

In South Africa, the number "46664" is well-known as Nelson Mandela's prisoner identification number, and at the launch of the line, Tokyo Sexwale, one of Mandela's fellow inmates and a trustee of The Nelson Mandela Foundation noted, “We ourselves were branded in prison. Who would have imagined that this once negative number could one day be a brand that instead celebrates beauty?”

As the brand expands from its current mens and womenswear offerings, there's been some talk that designer Stella McCartney may come on board to collaborate with the promising new fashion line.

The 46664 line is produced in South Africa and profits benefit the parent organization. The collection will soon be available for international customers online. 93-year-old Nelson Mandela isn't personally designing the collection.

46664 line46664 line