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Jennifer Aniston Buys a $450,000 Glenn Ligon Painting

Jennifer Aniston Haiti BenefitAt last week's "Artists for Haiti" benefit hosted by actor Ben Stiller and art dealer David Zwirner at Christie's, tabloid staple Jennifer Aniston walked away with a Glenn Ligon painting, Stranger #44.

Sources say that after Aniston's boyfriend, Justin Theroux, won the bidding war for the painting at $450,000 (well above the work's estimated $150,000-$200,000 worth), Jen started beaming and clapping her hands.

This is kind of a shocker: Jennifer Aniston has legitimately good taste (in art, not men). Glenn Ligon may be an art star (the Whitney recently showed a mid-career retrospective of his work), but he's also a challenging artist: his work deals conceptually with race and sex, and it's much darker and, from where I sit, smarter than what's produced by bigger names in the art world, like Jeff Koons. Only criticism I'd make here is that I can't imagine owning only one Ligon piece (in a fantasy world where I could imagine owning at least one) because his paintings play off each other and achieve so much of their power by their relationship to Ligon's entire body of work. Jen better get shopping.

Glenn Ligon Stranger #44