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Alexander Wang for Dior? Do You Still Care?

Alexander WangVogue UK has more insider information or speculation or gossip or whatever you want to call it about the open job at Dior. Contrary to previous reports that Marc Jacobs wouldn't take the helm of the French label for less than a $10 million salary for both himself and his business partner, Robert Duffy, Vogue UK is "reporting" (in scare quotes because reporting is no longer possible when it comes to this story, for Vogue UK or anyone else) that Jacobs had actually so wanted the job that he was basically sobbing and offering LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault sponge baths in negotiation meetings. But the holding company decided they had Jacobs right where they wanted him: at Louis Vuitton.

Haider Ackermann was briefly discussed as a possibility, but then dismissed for being "too edgy." Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci "simply refused." So now, "insiders" are saying that Alexander Wang is next on the list to take over Dior. Except, you know, that's never going to happen because Wang's aesthetic isn't super-compatible with the Dior brand, and Wang is also really young and still developing his own line and totally inexperienced when it comes to couture. 

Can someone at LVMH just please make a decision about this and send over a press release ASAP? If you're going to keep taunting us with anonymous sources and promises that are obviously never going to happen, you might as well just bring back Galliano.

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