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Either Follow These Tumblrs or Get Off the Internet


A new Tumblr, Fashimals, has decided to reimagine all of my favorite fashion personalities as different kinds of animals. If fashion were a zoo, beloved Grace Coddington would indeed be a dove; Anna Dello Russo, overeager and a little foolish but so loveable, would be a puppy; Karl Lagerfeld is so cool he would obviously be a cat; and my least favorite, the pesky Terry Richardson, would be a gerbil. Are you dying yet?


Another fashion Tumblr, The Snarktorialist, covers fashion news you won't read about anywhere else. I bet you haven't heard about the street style photographer that shot a fashionista — with a gun. All that blood ruined her favorite Stella McCartney pants. Barney's commented on the tragedy.

I bet you also don't know that Anna Wintour "has selected a bland, thin white actress to grace the cover of her magazine’s November 2011 issue."

Go follow Fashimals and The Snarktorialist ASAP. And while you're at it, follow The Fashion Spot on Tumblr, too. We don't post too many photos of bland white celebrities.