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Dior Pinky-Swears to Announce Galliano Replacement Soon

Sidney Toledano, CEO and president of the Dior house, had to answer some pretty awkward questions at a press conference yesterday. Namely, why the brand can't get it together and choose a new designer to replace the disgraced John Galliano. Actually, when I said that Sidney Toledano answered some questions yesterday, I mean he didn't answer them at all. He just watched them. And promised to answer them "soon" like, in " the next few weeks." Uggh. "A few" is more than a couple but less than "several" so he's saying that Dior will decide on a designer in three to four weeks. Four weeks isn't "soon" at all! And they can keep postponing this indefinitely. For all we know, we might have to wait eight whole weeks to get some closure on this story. I can't believe we've been reduced to this.

Sidney Toledano