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Orlanda Bloom Puts on a Show of His Own Front Row at Dior

Orlando Bloom showed up front row at today's Dior Spring 2012 show in Paris to support his supermodel wife, Miranda Kerr. And he didn't just sit there, looking bored. The actor couldn't stop smiling, beaming, gloating, he was literally on the edge of his seat when Kerr stepped out onto the runway. In a happy turn of events, Bloom remembered to bring along his digital camera to take some snapshots because there wasn't anyone else taking photos at the event. Now, they'll always have something to remember the moment by.

One day, when they are old and gray, they'll be able to show their grandchildren photos from this blessed day, and Orlando Bloom will proudly tell the kids that their Nana used to be a supermodel, practically a hypermodel, and she even once walked in Dior. Have they ever heard of Dior? It used to be one of the best fashion houses in the whole entire world, but it met a tragic end because they spent too long negotiating with prospective new creative directors to replace the former designer, a genius who turned out to be a kind of anti-Semitic alcoholic lunatic, and the impatient masses stormed the studio with pitchforks. The fashion house tried to recover by hiring a young upstart, this talented young songster named Kanye West, but at his very first runway show for the label, the former Queen of Fashion, Anna Wintour, climbed onto the runway, pushed all the models off, and then turned to Kanye with tears in her eyes: "Yo Kanye," she said. "I'm going to let you finish, but [that kind of anti-Semitic alcoholic lunatic] was one of the best Dior designers of all time!"

Um, anyway. There are words for a lot things, but none for how cute Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are as a couple. Feel free to gush.

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