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Milan is Fashion’s Biggest Mean Girl

Bottega Veneta BackstageLest you forget that Milan already had a hand in ruining this season's London Fashion Week (the city faced a major shortage of models because Frida Giannini spent three whole days dragging models back and forth between London and Milan for rounds of castings and fittings), Milan's already gearing up to devastate both of the major English-language fashion weeks next fall.

The city is proposing to move up its show dates to ease production deadlines, and the new schedule would overlap with London and New York's fashion weeks. The bruised cities are up in arms, and have taken their complaints to Big Sister Paris—more specifically, to the two holding companies LVMH and PPR, both based in the City of Lights. Between the two of them, LVMH and PPR own basically all of luxury fashion. More accurately, their corral of subsidiaries are spread across the four major fashion cities, so the companies will likely pull out all the stops to resolve this matter fairly. It's like, sometimes "oligopoly" is just another word for "benevolent monarchy."                                            

Backstage at Bottega Veneta, from T Magazine

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