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Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio Break Up

Blake Lively Leonardo DiCaprioIt's been five months since Blake Lively was spotted making eyes at Leonardo DiCaprio on Steven Spielberg's yacht in Cannes, and oh how time flies. The A-list romance, the apple of our eyes, has disintegrated into a story of PR reps, tabloids, and the cruelest phrase in the English language: they will "remain friends."

In an attempt to control the story, Blake and Leo's representatives broke the break-up to the press, hoping that we'd mourn the relationship without asking too many questions and recalibrate our attention back to Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's divorce.

NOT SO FAST! I demand details. We don't even know who broke up with who and why! Mutual, amicable break-ups are a fairy tale. Things don't just end well—especially when the people ending things are two incredibly attractive celebrities with twelve years between them and only five months on the relationship bandwagon. I can't move on until I understand what happened here. C'mon Blake and Leo, tell us your story. Think of the children.

[via AmyGrindhouse & INeedMyFix]