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DVF Tries to Kill Milan with Kindness

DVF Not that you were too worried about it, but Milan is still throwing a temper tantrum and promising to schedule its Spring 2013 shows in conflict with catwalking plans in London and New York. Oy. Fashion's superwoman, designer and CFDA President Diane Von Furstenberg, has wielded her mighty pen and issued a painfully reasonable open letter to the Italian Chamber of Fashion, imploring the fashionistas of Milan to get it together and stop sabotaging the international fashion empire. An excerpt:

We did not change from the agreement we reached of starting Fashion Season in New York on the same day every year, which is the second Thursday of February and September. It is the nature of the calendar.

As the President of the CFDA, I represent my fellow designers. We share the same goal as Milan, Paris and London and everyone at the CFDA has great respect and admiration for designers working in those cities.

Our shared goal is that we want the editors and retailers to see our work and do theirs.

At a time of great uncertainties in the world, we are lucky to be part of an industry that is flourishing and that provides an enormous quantity of jobs. We should not jeopardize that by being apart.

If that doesn't persuade Milan to get their ducks in line, we might have to lobotomize the entire city. In an attempt to give Milan the benefit of the doubt, I'd like to advance a theory: Milan and the other major fashion cities are actually in cahoots, and they've drummed up this comic catfight so that the fashion slugs among us stop speculating about the stalled Dior designer appointment and give LVMH and Marc Jacobs a chance to wrap up their multi-million dollar negotiations. It's an evil genius plan. You owe me five dollars if Milan backtracks on their scheduling stance as soon as Dior announces that it's signed a new creative director.