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Anna Dello Russo Still the Best

I was half-ready to roll my eyes when I saw that Vopue Nippon editor Anna Dello Russo had composed a "self-portrait in words" for the new fashion biannual, Herself, but instead I just want to hug my computer screen. I'm not used to writing about Anna Dello Russo without referencing an outfit, but it turns out that ADR is still fashion even when she's just words on a page. Maybe not a "fashion shower," as she defines herself (I really just don't know what that means), but she's nothing if she's not a cherry hat.

I mean, anyone that's ever criticized Anna for not being self-aware must now eat their tongue. She may say that she doesn't know what she is, but she's just being self-effacing: she's beyond, she's a beautiful dark twisted fantasy, she is real on Twitter, she is a golden slipper! She's like, my hero. Apparently she's also a Lady Gaga fan, and that is unfortunate.